“Jesus purified his church once for all in Cruz Calvary”

Sin was all, taking away forever.
What this means?  There is no sin in church?
Not in the church of the Lord.  The question for us is whether we stay as the Church of The Lord.

At first, the seed falls in our hearts, but as in the parable of the sewer, we do not grow roots.  And therefore, we do not produce fruits.

The fall of a religious

We receive the word with joy, this is the moment of our conversion.  We are repented.  We know that we are nothing without Him.   We pray at every moment.   We feel that we need him.   We feel for others in similar condition.  We care so much about the lost.   We are so grateful of our God.  He set us free!!!

Soon we start feeling more holy than the rest, vanity embraces our hearts.   We are worried of what people will say, even more than what God will have to say.   The Lord that meant everything, pass to a second place.   My holy status, ministry, family, work, become more important than our God and our relationship with him.

We do not ask for forgiveness, we are so holly!   We turn into pharisees.  We see ourselves as righteous and stop growing.   Our hearts become insensitive.  We forget to ask the Lord what to do or what to say.   We have all the answers and none of the questions.

The worst part is that when this happens, we do not even see it.  Blindness takes the place of our faith.  Then when sins knock your door, you do not understand why.   The reason, it was already there.  You just couldn’t see it.   Because?  You forgot to depend on The Lord to keep yourself clean.

Sin do start with acts, it first hits your heart, then your mind, and eventually becomes an action.

The fall of the less orthodox or more liberal

It’s all about loosing focus on what really matters. At first this individual has a good perspective what is a Christian and what is not.  But eventually, he loose the perspective on what should be and what the bible says.

He starts finding the bible out of date.
Thinking for God.
Trying every possible thing to bring the lost souls to the point of awkwardness.
He breaks with traditions without understanding the reason behind it.

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