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Jesus die to clean you from all your sins

June 23, 2010 Leave a comment

What Jesus demonstrated in the Cruz,
was that a human being can live a holy life.

Jesus was:

  • Prosecuted
  • The people told him to leave the city
  • Criticized
  • Rejected
  • Accused of having demons
  • Accused of blasphemy
  • Accused of casting demons away by Beelzebub.
  • Betrayed by his closest friends
  • disbelieved by his own people and even family members
  • Innocently condemned to die
  • Bitten
  • Was hungry
  • Was thirsty
  • Was humiliated
  • Paid with un-gratefulness

With all these,

  • The Lord’s moth did not open to curse anyone.
  • Jesus healed many
  • Live without anything for the sake of the gospel
  • He healed the guardian who came to put him in jail.
  • He forgave those who kill him
  • He remain silent
  • He did not lose his temper.
  • He pray, many times without sleep
  • He felt compassion and performed miracles

When I am in trouble, and I think on what Jesus did, I can feel the courage to continue.

And if I had done less than what is expected from me as a believer, I can feel ashamed of myself like Peter and I repent.

Jesus is our example on any difficult or easy situation.  Because he did it, we can do it.

He is the first Adam of a new generation.  A group that do not seek for their own benefit, but for the kingdom of God.